USACTC Register of Merit Breeders

The Register of Merit award is given to those breeders who have bred at least two USACTC Champions. Breeders who have achieved this prestige are awarded at the annual meeting.The USACTC recognizes these breeders for their outstanding efforts in their breeding programs.

Register of Merit Breeders

Patricia Enright, DiamondKrest Cotons
Beverly Kohler, Sugar Bay Cotons
Peter & Denise Simenauer, Dior Cotons
Dennis Presley, Cadreamin Cotons
Jeb & Ruth Weidrick, WindCrest Cottage Cotons
Luis & Carmen Ortiz, Mi-Toi Cotons
Barbara Adcock, Bar-Ken Cotons
Pat Kapp, WindSong Cotons
Brenda Magnon, Cowboy Cotons
Juli Renois, Casablanca Cotons